Little Magazine, Big Influence

  • Watson Manor 3 University Circle Charlottesville, VA, 22903 United States

Over the past ten years, several titans of the magazine industry have floundered or folded. Meanwhile, a host of small magazines and journals have emerged as enclaves of cultural criticism and creativity. N+1, Los Angeles Review of Books, Jacobin, The Point, VQR, and Public Books all join a tradition of magazines and journals with small but committed readerships that continue to flourish, such as The Baffler, The Boston Review, and The Hedgehog Review. What role do little magazines play in American public and cultural life? And what might the future hold? Panelists: Mark Greif, Lorin Stein, Laura Marsh, Jay Tolson, Chris Lehmann, Medaya Ocher, Allison Wright, Robert Wilson.